VAM Empire places you in an asteroid belt ringing a distant planet. Vampires have arrived, and threaten your smally mining colonies very existence. Complete missions to learn their location and weaknesses, so you can take them down! 

A project made in HomeTeam GameDev Lighthouse. (HomeTeam GameDev Collection)

Update on Audio Issue: Audio now appears to work with little to no crackling in Edge and Firefox using the Godot 3.4 export, but Chrome audio now appears to be broken completely. So, still researching.


ESC = Bring up Options Menu (Difficulty can be chosen and impacts mineral drop rates and other minor features)

WASD to Fly, Mouse to Steer

Left Click = Shoot

Right Click = Mine

H = Heal (Drains Energy)

Hold-F = Flight-Assist off (Will glide freely in space without RCS braking)

J = Missions Journal

I = Inventory

+/- = Zoom Minimap

C = Character Panel


07/27/2021 - Fixed Starter Ship's ability to heal.

07/28/2021 - Improved Visibility of Accept/Complete mission buttons based on feedback.


Download 141 MB


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